Detroit Conference

A conference on "Challenging Life Sentences", October 5-7, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. 17 States were represented.
Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations

The conference's theme was that there is no practical or moral justification for a sentence longer than twenty years. As a result, strategies were presented to bring about the release of over 200,000 people in the country who are serving sentences longer than twenty years.

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Front row

1. Hedy Harden (MO)
2. Louise Carcione (MA)
3. Lea Green (MD)
4. Kim Prager (OH)
5. Shirley Wagner (MI)
6. Karen Cain (OR)
7. Pauline Sullivan (DC)
8. Dianne Tramutola-Lawson (CO)
9. Mary Pat Donelan (MD)
10. Nicole Porter (DC)
11. Cynthia Williams (OH)
12. David Mains (TX)
13. Claudia Whitman (CO)
14. Checo Yancy (LA)

Second row

15. Keith Brown-El (MO)
16. Terry Stein (OR)
17. Suzie Rimstidt (IN)
18. Nancy Smith (IA)
19. Dennis Wagner (MI)
20. Sonia Turek (MA)
21. Mike Rodriguez (DE) *
22. Rebecca Bretz (IL) *
23. Alan Mills (IL) *
24. Eldon Dillingham (KS)
25.Hubert Roberts (MI)
26. Carla Dawson (IA)
27. Dwight Harris (MI)
28. Darrell Siggers (MI)
29. Actshun Terrell (MI).

Back row

30. Roger Kincade (CO)
31. Bob Rimstidt (IN)
32. Kay Perry (MI)
33. Enoch Sellassie (MO)
34. Jim Prager (OH)
35. Larry Smith (IA)
36. Taylor Berenda (OH)
37. Willis Harris (MI)
38. Lloyd Fillion (MA)
39. Ken Ward (UT)
40. Charlie Sullivan (DC)
42. Tom Chleboski (MD)
43. Edward Sanders (MI)



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